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Work Implemented :Project + Contracting Works
Location :Topuk Yaylası - Düzce
Indoor Area :8.000
Number of Beds/Rooms :160 /
Functionalities : Bedroom Storeys, Spa, Gym, Indoors Swimming Pool, Cooking Kitchen, Offices, Meeting Halls, Feneryum

It is a camping and recreational site commissioned by Fenerbahçe club at Topuk Yaylası locality in Düzce’s Kaynaşlı district at 1360 m elevation. Construction works had been completed in 8 months under harsh winter conditions and was inaugurated in the year 2011. The center is covered by snow in Winter and presents a scenic panorama of highland pastures in Summer and is built entirely of natural wooden materials. Its mechanical systems are composed of LNG-fuelled central heating system, VRF central cooling system, ventilation system, and water fire extinguishing system.